GIELLENERGY-TILE® is made of thermoplastic resin with high mechanical and thermal characteristics; is made of 2 standard 156×156 mm (6 “) monocrystalline silicon cells encapsulated by EVA, the photovoltaic part is embedded within the resin frame and this allows the GIELLENERGY-TILE® to be walkable (max kg 75)


The mounting of the GIELLENERGY-TILE® is practically identical to that of the common terracotta tiles. The same wooden slabs and mounting method are used to obtain a truly integrated photovoltaic roof.


All GIELLENERGY-TILE® models are guaranteed 10 years for manufacturing defects and on yield, this is guaranteed: 90% for 10 years and 80% for 20 years.
As required by international standards GIELLENERGY-TILE® are certified IEC 61215 ed.II / IEC 61730-2

B.I.P.V. & Recharge Electric Vehicles

Resistance & Versatility

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